The Perfect Picture

The secret to an online sale is one that is marketed well.  It should be pleasing to the naked eye. From the picture itself, to the colour, the quality and the impact.  After all they do say a picture never lies? (Although let’s be honest, it’s questionable with the use of our oh-so-loved filters today…)

But sellers despair not! We have your backs.

We understand that not all of us are in possession or have access to that high price tagged Canon 1D Digital SLR camera to achieve the perfect picture but we can give it our best shot right?! Follow our step by step process and together let’s make that quick sale.

Step 1 – Lighting

Natural lighting is required to show the true shade of your outfit hence avoid the temptation to take that quick snap of your dress in the bedroom at night when lighting is dull. It will not do your dress any justice sadly. Trust us. We know.

If possible take a day time photo with no flash as well as a night time with flash photography and upload both when selling, this can help potential buyers decide!

Step 2 – Full length

We recommend that you wear the dress and take photos in different angles, front back side, trail etc. after all it is your dress so who best to model it?

Do not lay it flat on a carpet or drape it on a sofa. Clothes always look better when worn! Even avoid the hanger-on-wardrobe photos. We can always crop your face if required.

Step 3 – Background

Avoid busy backgrounds. It takes the attention away from your dress, a white background is ideal for most outfits so even if you can take a photo standing against a white wall in your home, it’s the ideal method. Use a different coloured background if your outfit is white.

Ensure your photo background does not have any people, lovely interior or your pet animal in the frame, again we don’t want anyone stealing the buyers attention from your lovely dress do we?!

Step 4 – WORK IT

Don’t be shy, hey let it be your moment and work those model stances! It certainly gives the wow factor and shows the outfit in a number of angles. How best to display the frill on your sleeve or lace on the back of the neck. Everyone loves to see detail and it does make the dress much more appealing!

We are here to help. If you need any advice or further direction, just email us and we can achieve the perfect results together.


Asian Attire team



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