About the Product

Size : 8
Condition : Worn less than 6 hours
Color : Burgundy, Copper, Gold

This piece was inspired by a slightly modern but traditional theme. The colours were chosen as they are perfect for fall. The top is a long sleeved fully lined peplum top which is embellished on both the back and front with gold and copper bead work, as well as hand made burgundy and copper thread embroidery. The top comes with a belt which is also covered in the same detailing as the top. There is a plain maxi skirt to match which has some cancan underneath which can be removed or kept depending on personal preference. This outfit comes with two georgette scarves, one of the two is larger and can be tucked in to the belt, whereas the other scarf can be worn for the head. The outfit is a size UK 8 – 10. It is in excellent condition and was worn once for less than 4 hours, it is very comfortable and easy to walk in as it is not too heavy.